About Us


Krami is one of the leading upcoming Indian Ethnicwear Brand with a vision to provide comfort and chic clothing altogether .

Founded in 2018 , Krami has ever since thrived towards gaining customer by delivering best quality products. All the Garments are handmade and wide range of fabrics are used to ensure variety of the collection and design.

All the raw material is handpicked and is sourced from the textile market of Surat and around India  to maintain the authenticity of the clothes and our heritage Handlooms and Printing techniques.

The Founders

The team of 3 siblings behind Krami, Darshana Bagadiya , Bhumika Patel and Dhwanil Bagadiya , strive to delivering quality products and excellent craftmanship which has been main aim of the brand.

A dedicated team of 3 people who run this business. Darshana look into all accounting aspects of the business. With 10 years of an extensive experience in bespoke fashion industry , Bhumika plays mojor role in designing . Whereas, Dhwanil oversees into technical part of company.