Delivery/Shipping Information


We strive to deliver products purchased from Krami in excellent condition and in the fastest time possible. For all the purchases That are PREPAID, we will deliver the order to your doorstep free of cost.


The standard shipping time is 12-15 working days. The time period can vary sometimes due to external factors. Incase the delivery is not done in 12-15 working days we do not refund or cancel order, Customer will have be patient until the package is delivered. We try to deliver all products as soon as possible.

 If the order gets cancelled, lost or undelivered then we will refund the money. 

*Order value is calculated after applying discounts/VAT/GST or any other applicable charges


Customer are informed here that we use third party courier services for logistics of orders’ parcels. In unforeseen and unfortunate cases wherein courier services refuse to accept customer’s claim of wrong or tampered delivery or non-delivery of parcels, Krami shall not be held liable for any loss until below mentioned guidelines are followed by customers.

It will be solely customers responsibility to reach out to us and ask for tracking details , which is again mentioned on tracking page as well . if customer fails to ask for tracking details and track their order on regular basis until it is delivered , Krami wont take any responsibility of any missing , misplaced or damaged packaged after one month of placing order. As we use third party courier service the tracking data from their website is cleared off after one week of delivery thus it is impossible to get hold of any packages later . 

If the package delivered is verified by OTP then we do not accept the denial of receiving the package . Customer will have to accept the decision given by the Krami . 

If parcel is received in tampered condition, customer shall refuse to accept parcel from courier person.

Even if parcel is intact, Customer ought to video-record the act of opening the received parcel as proof of any unforeseen and unfortunate case of receiving wrong or missing products inside parcels.

In case of customer denying receiving the parcel while courier company shows parcel to be delivered, customer needs to raise the issue within 48 hours of delivery message. Krami will share Proof of Delivery (POD) with the customer after receiving it from the courier company. Even after sharing POD, if customer refuses to accept the authenticity of the shared POD, Krami can only assist the customer in raising the concern with the concerned courier company. POD wont be provided to OTP verified delivery .